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Web Design and Screen Sharing

$45 for 1/2 Hour Session

($1.50 per minute)

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Screen Sharing Makes Web Design Fun!

Web Design with Screen Sharing!

We use live screen sharing sessions for setting up your website, designing your pages, making fast page updates, SEO updates, and training to make your own updates.

Get Instant Updates to Your Site

We make updates and changes right in front of you (on-screen) so you can see the results instantly.  This helps cut down going back and forth and makes sure you always get exactly what you want.

Give Instant Feedback - Live Audio

As we are sharing screens, we can talk live over the phone or we can share our computer microphone, whichever way you prefer.  This allows you to give us instant feedback.

Watch and Learn

Watch us as we perform changes on your site.  We can train you to make updates and changes on your own.  Our web design sessions are sometimes more like training sessions.

Record Your Screen Share Sessions

We can record and share sessions so you can go back and watch recorded sessions later.  This works great as a training aid and revisiting how to make updates and changes to your site. 

Only Pay for Minutes Used

Only pay for minutes used. Each session starts out as a 30-minute session for $45. Then it's $1.50 per minute thereafter.  Only pay for minutes that you use, also known as, "pay as you go" or "paygo".

Screen Sharing Session Goals

All sessions are flexible open-ended and free flowing...  However, if you would like to set a goal for your session here are some common goals below. We can preload sessions with helpful notes towards reaching your session goal.


Screen Sharing Session Goals:

  1. Finding Your Style Discovery Session
  2. Experimenting with Look and Feel
  3. Testing Colors and Color Schemes
  4. Creative Ideas and Brainstorming
  5. Attention Getting Headers, Sliders, and Banners
  6. Writing a Compelling Introduction
  7. Front Page Section Planning
  8. About Page Section Planning
  9. Contact Page & CRM Integration
  10. Creating Content for Website
  11. E-commerce Integration
  12. Website and CRM integration
  13. Keyword, Discovery, and Analysis
  14. Website Audit and Error Fixing
  15. Google Analytics, Console, Maps
  16. Sitemap Analysis and Generation
  17. Lead Generation and Call Tracking Setup
  18. SEO Power Boosting Session

    How To Share Screens:

    We will email you a link along with a passcode.  Just click on the link and enter the code to get connected. 

    Although smartphones and tablets do work, a full-sized computer screen is recommended.

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    Screen Sharing Session Today!

    1/2 Hour - Live Screen Sharing - $45

    Screen Share Minute Rate - $1.50/minute

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    Web Design Sessions - Just another awesome feature that separates us from everyone else.

    Online Collaboration- Web design sessions allow for you to collaborate and include your own unique sense of style.

    Instant Real-time Feedback - Together we will elevate your brand's digital footprint and captivate your audience into taking action.

    Live Audio Conversation - We can talk over the phone or we can share computer mic online. Live audio is a must for instant feedback and collaboration.

    We are the Trend Setters - Can you find a freelancer, web design company, or an agency who offers live screen sharing sessions and will actually design your website right in front of you?  Good luck finding one, we are the one and only, this is why we are Trend Setters.

    Calibrated Web Design Sessions - We can go really fast as you watch us blow your mind with our speed and precision, or we can adjust our pace and explain everything along the way like a live training session.

    Let us build your website right in front of you as you watch in real-time!